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Palo Santo - Sacred Cleansing Wood

Palo Santo - Sacred Cleansing Wood

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  • Palo Santo (pä-lō sän-tō) is the Spanish translation for “holy wood.” It is a tree that is generally found in Peru and Ecuador.
  • Throughout history, the wood, resin, and oil of the tree has been used for sacred and ceremonial purposes by people indigenous to South and Central America. 
  • This tree is heavily regulated, and we ensure that the palo santo we offer is carefully and sustainably harvested.
  • To honor the history of its history of sacred use, before you use palo santo, take time to ask yourself questions about how it makes you feel, think about the lives of the people who grow and harvest this plant, and explore your intentions behind using it.
  • Practice with palo santo is not meant to be superficial, you should be thoughtful and engaged in your personal ceremonies.


  • The palo santo tree is viewed as a sentient being.
  • Incorporating it into your holistic practices should be done with the intention of communing with the plant, by respecting its energy and consciousness. 
  • Burning palo santo wood or incense combines air and fire elements with the healing properties of the resinous oil in the wood.
  • The smoke of palo santo moves heavy or dark energy and replaces it with the energy of love and light. This helps to relieve tension in both your body and throughout the space you are practicing in.
  • The smoke and oils of palo santo can also be used to cleanse and amplify the energies of crystals. 
  • You may use palo santo alongside other herbs such as white sage, rosemary, or red cedar and the beneficial properties of the different plants will work in harmony. 
  • Palo santo is also a natural mosquito repellant, making it an extra beneficial edition to outdoor practices. 
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